Kettle Cat Enamel Pin

Kettle Cat Enamel Pin

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A brand new Kettle Cat pin with rose gold enamel and white screen print!

The enamel pin 1” (2.5cm) big, has a yellow rubber clasp and a lovely pink backing card. The price is for one pin only, picture show’s two pins to show different angles to the light!

A grade: Perfect condition. SOLD OUT

B grade: Slight imperfections only noticeable when inspected closely. SOLD OUT

C grade: Imperfections visible, darker discolouration on metal, scratches marks and ect.

UPDATE: Please go to my instagram: dinanorlund to see a post in my stories showing the different grades of pins. C is actually not too bad! We’re expecting a new delivery of pins in a few weeks and there will hopefully be more A grades then.

There is a limited amount of A grade pins as many pins from this batch have a discoloured metal. This happens a lot to pins with rose gold plating! It is not very noticeable, but it there. B grade have just very slight imperfections that is close to being A grade, but not quite. Only visible when inspected closely, we sort of want to say A-. If you select a C grade pin please be aware it will have imperfections like discolouration of the metal, scratches, marks and ect.

If you have any questions please email!

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