The Snow cat prince

The seventh prince of the royal Snow Cats is sent on a journey to return the King's Crown from the claws of the foxes who cursed their land. He will need to gather all his courage and strength to face the unknown of the world they have cut off for so long. If he fails, he will be marked with three black stripes and never be allowed to return home.

The Snow Cat Prince will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign from the 1st of September - 30th of September 2019! Want more updates? Sign up to our SNOW CAT newsletter below. Thank you!


What is “the snow cat prince”?

The Snow Cat Prince is a graphic novel project I started in January 2019! It’s a 120 page comic about a young prince and his coming of age story.

The hardcover physical book will be printed in late 2019, funded by a Kickstarter campaign that will run from 1st - 30th of September!
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