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Eva lives in a magical garden filled with strange flowers, curious trees and the weirdest birds you will ever meet. She could not imagine a more perfect place to call home. But one day she glimpses something blue, green and grey lurking in the shadows. What is it, and more importantly... what does it want?


The Book

In 2017, during a car ride home, I was struck by the idea to create a children’s book. In a way Greylegs was my first step into the wild dream of creating stories and books. The idea of having the freedom to tell a short, compressed story in 30 pages and 1000 words was very appealing to me. As creative and personal as a comic, but shorter and easier to do than a animated movie. Greylegs was called Blackbird for a while when the story was in development, but it was too simple and in the end I gave it the final name Greylegs. Which means Gråbein in Norwegian, another name for a wolf.

The story for Greylegs was inspired by my love of wildlife and nature. The belief that any animal has its place in the ecosystem, and if you remove one you will throw the whole balance out of order. Even though a predator might seem scary and wild, it needs to be there to let the rest of the animals and plants live. It makes me sad that the “cuter” animals are seen as more valuable than the bigger ones. Even though Eva’s story is confined into her own home and her Mum’s garden, there is still that message that can be applied to our own real world situation.


The Illustrations

The illustrations were handrawn with pen and paper before they were scanned in and coloured figitally. This allows for expressive linework combined with vibrant colours. All in all there are 15 spreads with full colour illustrations (30 pages).


The Characters

Eva is a child child in her own right. Despite living in a magical garden her life seems to be filled with all of what normal children have. Except for her unusual friends: the birds. With a will of steel she braves any challenge that comes her way.